Kerry Rogers and Susa Stone

Maid of Honor

Kerry and Susa have known each other since Hough Street Elementary School.  They grew up two blocks apart in Barrington, Illinois. 

Susa is usually one year older than Kerry, but their birthdays are four days apart, making them the same age for those four days each year.  They spent many afternoons playing with my little ponies, tiggy hogs, monopoly and cards. 

Susa and Kerry (1992)
Hough Street School Hoedown

Together, they have gone to camp, traveled to England, taken canoe trips, and vacationed in Marquette. 

Kerry majored in biology at Northwestern University.  She currently lives in Chicago and is a medical student at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science.

Kerry also has a much loved guinea pig named George, as seen in a photo below.


Kerry's beloved guinea pig

Kerry, Forrest, and Susa
at a Northwestern Wildcats game