September 8, 2007

Where will you be?


This page serves two important purposes.  First, we want you to know where you should be if everything goes according to plan.  Second, we want you to know where you should go if everything doesn't. 

Plan A: Balmy Weather

September 8, 2007:

11:30 a.m. (Eastern Time Zone) - Wedding on the beach, at WANIPA
(Guests are requested to dress in somewhat formal attire -- e.g. coat and tie -- for this occasion, with the exception of footwear, which should be beach-appropriate.)

Following the ceremony, guests are encouraged to explore Marquette, procure some lunch, and otherwise divert themselves until the reception dinner that evening. If they desire, they may follow along with the newly-weds as they are photographed on the beach, on Presque Isle, and up on top of Sugarloaf Mountain (if Susa survives the climb).

6:00 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone) - Reception dinner, at Upfront & Company
(See the directions page for assistance finding it.)

We do recommend that everyone either walk or drive around Presque Isle at some point during their visit.

Plan B: Storms, Gales, and Gargantuan Insects

It is hard to believe that any of these catastrophes would dare to mar such a momentous occasion, but sometimes fate doesn't always see our point of view.

Although Forrest was originally hoping to move the wedding to a nearby fish hatchery in the event of inclement weather, the current contingency plan is to postpone the ceremony until that afternoon, and hold it at the reception hall.

Contingency plan:  4:00 p.m. E.T. - Wedding, Upfront & Company
(The reception would follow directly after the ceremony...)

If we know ahead of time that there is going to be a problem (e.g. on September 6, we find six feet of snow on the beach), we will update this web site (and we will keep a close eye on the Best Man, to make sure he doesn't play hookie and go skiing!).

As the time of the wedding approaches, if the weather seems questionable, please call one of these numbers and we will let you know what the current plan is.

  • 847-609-0054 (Peggy - most likely to answer her phone...)
  • 208-818-7281 (Forrest - regularly checks his voicemail...)
  • 847-525-1774 (Susa - sometimes knows where her phone is...)
We promised to tell you what the best way to combat elephant-sized deerflies was.  The answer is "You don't."  If you see a deerfly of that caliber buzzing towards you, we recommend that you run.  Quickly.  All the way to Upfront & Company.

Of course, if the deerflies are merely the size of Gabby, then we'll hold the ceremony on the beach as planned.  That is why bridal veils were invented, isn't it?