Susa and Forrest
(dressed up for a movie date)

Wedding Gift Registry

Registering appears to be quite a long process, amplified by Susa's selectivity (ok, yes, pickiness) and Forrest's disinclination (ok, yes, apathy toward shopping).  Susa's selectivity means that items on the registry are things she really really liked, but that the registry building process is very slow and that it isn't as comprehensive as it should be yet. 

Currently, has the most items listed.  For those who prefer to shop in physical space instead of cyber space, we also have items listed at Bed Bath and Beyond.  We will be adding more items, and perhaps stores, soon.  Hopefully.  Pickiness and apathy notwithstanding... 

Wedding gifts may be sent to Susa's parents' house:
   Susa Stone and Forrest Sondahl
   435 Washington Street
   Barrington, IL 60010

Note 1: We highly recommend using coupons when shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond.  20% off coupons are commonly found in newspapers, mailings, etc.  They also accept coupons issued by competitor companies such as Linens-n-Things.

Note 2: Oneida makes both a "Dover" pattern and a "Satin Dover" pattern.  We picked the regular "Dover".  You can go see this pattern at Macy's or the similar Satin one at Bed Bath and Beyond.  The pattern is much more expensive at Macy's than at Amazon and Macy's is the hated store that replaced Susa's beloved Chicago landmark Marshall Field's.  (Hint: don't buy any gifts at Macy's!)