Birrion and Forrest Sondahl
(climbing a mountain to find snow)

Best Man

Forrest and Birrion have been brothers since Birrion's birth in 1985.  Funny how that works.  Of course, over the years, there have been ups and downs -- and hopefully Birrion has finally forgiven Forrest for all the times he got turned upside-down.  But Birrion probably still hasn't figured out how any girl could be amazing enough to cause Forrest to leave good downhill skiing country and reside in the Midwest.

Tree climbing (1993)
Birrion (left), Forrest (right)
Northfield, Minnesota

Nevertheless, he did agree to be Best Man, and he will probably even be convinced to dress in formal-wear for the occasion, which is something that he never has need for in his usual ski bum lifestyle. 

Of course, when he signed up for the Best Man job, he was more interested in some of the older sword-swinging traditions of the position, which you can read about on Wikipedia.

Birrion Sondahl
doing a "mute grab"

Birrion managed to put in 132 ski days this last season. As you can imagine, he has gotten pretty good at it. In particular, he likes to do ski jumping.

To get a better idea of how crazy he is, you can watch this video.

There are also some more skiing pictures, (including one of Forrest looking awkward!) at Forrest's dad's website.

Birrion, Forrest, Susa
(at Forrest's Carleton graduation)

When not focussing entirely on his monomaniacal pursuit of alpine skiing, Birrion enjoys reading very large books, playing computer games, swimming, and generally being a good guy.

He is currently completing his bachelor's degree in military history, through an accredited program online, which allows him to ski during the winter, and take classes spring through autumn. He expects to receive his diploma in September.