Susa and Forrest

Forrest and Susa at Northwestern

Fairy tales

Where does a love story truly begin? 
Does it start with laughter, or with music? 
Or with a shy little college sophomore girl thinking "Isn't that a cute froshling boy?" 
Does it start with the first game of cribbage, or the twenty-fourth? 
Should it skip ahead to the first kiss, or lag behind and frolic in the days of practical jokes and competing math class grades? 

Susa and Forrest

Tea Party at Carleton
Forrest, Remmington, Princess Margaret, and Susa

There are hundreds of stories that could be told, and telling them well is a challenge indeed.  We will try to keep it simple. 

Susa and Forrest met at Carleton College, and were good friends for several years before they started dating in October of 2002.  Since that time, their relationship has somehow weathered all slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, including (but not limited to), Susa graduating, Forrest living in Hungary for 5 months, Susa starting graduate school, and Forrest graduating and being a self-proclaimed "bum" for a year. 

With the assistance of prepaid phone cards and AOL Instant Messenger, they overcome the trials of the long distance relationship.  In September of 2005, Forrest followed Susa to graduate school at Northwestern. 

Forrest and Susa became engaged on March 24 of 2007, and announced it to the world with their usual eccentric flair on April 1, 2007.  Here is a copy of that original message, as well as the message sent out on April 2 to assure people that the engagement was for real.