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We want you to come!  We also want you to make it, which is why we're providing you with some directions that may prove useful. 

As always, use your own good judgement.  If we say to drive across such and such a bridge, and the bridge doesn't appear to be there, you should hit the brakes, rather than end up in the river.  You get the picture. 

And we know that you'll probably print your own directions out from Google Maps, or Yahoo Maps anyway, and ignore us.  But be careful, because we've noticed these services can sometimes get confused in the wilds of the Upper Peninsula, particularly about the location of the reception hall, Upfront & Company. 

From Chicago area to Marquette:

  • I 94 north to Milwaukee.

  • I-43 north to Green Bay (125 miles).

  • I-43 ends as it merges with US-141/US-41 (just over the bridge).

  • Take exit 192A onto US-141/US-41 north toward Marinette, WI (52 miles).
    (Note: US-141/US-41 will split, take US-41 north, swinging right)

  • In Marinette, WI, US-41 crosses the Menominee River near Lake Michigan, entering Menominee, MI. In Menominee, MI, US-41 turns left (and you should turn left with it), continuing north.

  • In the northern part of Menominee, US-41 and M-35 split. Take M-35 north, turning right to go northeast along the Lake Michigan shoreline to Escanaba, MI (52 miles). Google Maps may try to keep you on US-41 instead of M-35; don't do this, it is both longer and less scenic.  M-35 is the hypotenuse of a triangle.  Trust us.

  • M-35 and US 41/US 2 meet again in Escanaba.  Take US-41/US-2 north out of Escanaba through Gladstone to Rapid River (15 miles).
    At the west edge of Rapid River, US-41 and US-2 split.  Turn left, to take US-41 north to Marquette (51 miles).

  • The above directions assume you are going to a hotel in Marquette.
    If you are driving Saturday morning straight to the wedding, don't go all the way in to Marquette. Four or five miles before Marquette you will want to turn right (east) onto M-28 and then follow the "From hotels to WANIPA" directions below.

From Marquette airport to hotels:
  • UPDATED: (The Marquette airport moved several years ago, and we didn't realize it!)
  • Exit airport on Kelly Johnson Memorial Drive, going north toward County Road 553 (which also might be M-335 -- weird, huh?)
  • (You also may be able to follow signs directing you towards Marquette.)
  • When you get to County Road 553 go north on it, toward Marquette.
  • After 10 miles, you will continue on McClellan Ave
  • You will enter Marquette.
  • When you reach highway 28, turn left (West) on it.
  • Quite soon you should see the Country Inn and Suites on the right.
  • Or, here are Google's directions.


From hotels to WANIPA:

  • Take US-41 south (back toward Chicago) for approximately 5 miles to where M-28 turns left, go east for 2.2 miles to Hiawatha, turn left for 1 block, turn right onto Lakewood Lane.

  • Continue east for half a mile, and there is a "WANIPA" sign (see image at right) and the number 697 is on the mail box. We will have balloons on the mail box.

  • Please park on the side of the road closest to the lake (the WANIPA side) and do not block any driveways. The police have requested everyone park on one side of the road and as far off the road as possible.

  • Walk up the lane toward the cabins then continue on between the three cabins to the beach.
Upfront & Company

Upfront from the outside

Upfront & Company

Upfront from the inside

From hotels to the reception hall:

Upfront & Company
102 E Main Street
Marquette, Michigan
(web site)
  • From 41 take Front Street into downtown to Main Street.

  • Turn right onto Main Street.

  • There is a parking lot at the bottom of the hill (Lake Shore Boulevard Parking Lot) just across Lake Shore Boulevard.

  • Upfront's entrance is on Main Street.