Forrest in mid-jump, at the black rocks on Presque Isle. Photo credit: Susa Stone

Here are some ideas for things that you might find enjoyable in or around Marquette, if you have extra time in the area.
This little map may help you find them.

Presque Isle

This is a lovely place to walk or drive, with birch trees and views of Lake Superior, coves, and black rocks.  Many locals, as well as some crazy tourists, enjoy jumping from the rocks into the freezing lake below.

Those with less need for adrenaline may enjoy photographing local fauna and flora.

More information about Presque Isle.

Susa and Forrest on top of Sugar Loaf "Mountain"

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Although Forrest winces whenever he hears the word "mountain" applied to this landmark, it really is a very pretty Michigan hill, with a beautiful scenic overlook of the Superior coastline.

Keep your eyes peeled on the hike. In June we spotted this blue tailed skink.

And we nearly forgot to mention that Susa is planning to climb this on 9/8/07 in her ten ton wedding dress!  Spectators welcome!

More information about Sugar Loaf Mtn.

Susa sliding down a rock at Wetmore's Landing

Wetmore's Landing

Sand, and rocks, and waves, and gulls, and trees... what more could you ask for?  You can take a lovely nature trail from Wetmore's Landing to Little Presque Isle park, which is another place of coastal beauty. 

At Little Presque Isle park, if you're feeling adventurous, one of Susa's favorite excursions is to wade across the shallow channel to the island. 

More information about Wetmore's Landing and Little Presque Isle.