Two lives, two names, one future.

What's in a name?

As suggested by the lovely animation at right, we will each be changing our surname to Stonedahl.  We chose this not because it is a Sondahl family tradition (coming from Samuelson and Hvistendahl), but rather because it seems the fairest solution.  Besides, it's fun to pick your own name.

Susa would like to make special note that while she may be changing her name to Stonedahl, she is not taking Forrest's first name (not that he would have given it to her if she'd wanted it!).

Accordingly, only at grave peril to your life should you dare to address Susa as "Mrs. Forrest Stonedahl".  Acceptable variations include "Mrs. Stonedahl", "Susa Stonedahl", "Ms. Stonedahl", "Susa Hardwick Stonedahl", "Susa", and "Princess Gabrielle's handmaiden", among others.  Also, you may have noticed that we have thrown etiquette to the wind by addressing our wedding invitations to couples in ladies-first order, and without any "Mr." and "Mrs." titles.