Susa with family, Forrest

Susa on a Family Outing
Megan (Teddy's wife), Teddy,
Susa, Forrest, Peggy, Ted

Life and times of Susa Stone

Susa grew up in Barrington, IL with her parents, Peggy and Ted, and her younger brother Teddy.   In case you were wondering about her name, she dropped the 'n' from Susan when she was 4 because she kept writing the 'n' backwards and didn't like being corrected at preschool.  

Susa started taking art classes at the age of 4.   While piano, clarinet, tennis, swimming, horseback riding, soccer, softball, girl scouts, 4-H and numerous other activities came and went, the art remained constant.  


Susa, so long ago...

She frequently visited her Grandmother Hardwick's farm as she was growing up.   She spent her time exploring the drainage ditches (foreshadowing her current educational endeavors?), playing rummy, and searching for kittens.   We considered having the wedding on the farm in downstate Illinois, but resisted the urge to drag everyone to the land of cornfields. 

She picked the current wedding venue because she has spent time each summer in Marquette, MI with her family and their friends, the Maleys.  WANIPA has been owned by Ted's family since the 1940's.   The name is an anagram of her great grandparents' initials.

Moose & Goose

Moose and Goose
(Forrest and Susa)

Her hobbies include convincing Forrest to watch episodes of Remington Steele and Gilmore Girls, photographing Gabby, painting Gabby, and just generally doting on Gabby.   She is obsessed with most board and card games, euchre being a particular family favorite.   Susa also likes holidays and sewing -- see the picture at right.

Susa loves not only her pets, but animals in general, hence the vegetarian meals you will all be enjoying.   She is especially fond of the local fauna (insects especially), and enjoys taking trips to zoos, anywhere in the world that she happens to be.   Over the years she has caught many of her own pets: catfish, crayfish, tadpoles, a mouse, grasshoppers, caterpillars... you get the picture.  

Susa in a fountain

Susa in a fountain
Spokane, WA

Susa graduated from Barrington High School in 1999.   She double majored in Mathematics and Physics at Carleton College (2003), and received a Masters in Environmental Engineering (2004) from Northwestern University.   Currently she lives in Evanston, IL and pursues her PhD at Northwestern.  

Here's a link to Susa's personal website, which doesn't get updated as much as it should...

Also, for Christmas of 2005, Forrest built this slightly embarrassing web site in her honor...